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Mathematic Mobile Learning Course ( My first posting in English)

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Second day: Introduction of Blog in P4TK Matematika Laboratory Yogyakarta

The Mathematic Mobile Learning course  is opened with general lecture by the  headmaster of CDEMTEP Mathematic,  Dra. Ganung Anggraeni, M.Pd.

The lecture  is about the policy and programs of PPPTK Matematika/CDMTEP. About the visions and missions. Focus commitment of PPPTK Matematika/CDMTEP ,and  about all PPPTK Matematika/CDMTEP programs introduction.

“Being a teacher right now, we need an innovation in a social context,” She said. “And PPPTK Matematika/CDMTEP facilitates all mathematic teacher in Indonesia to do that”. She added.

Mrs. Ganung anggraeni, M.Pd is Talking with one of the participant from kambodja

She explain to the participant about the website of PPPTK Matematika/CDMTEP. How many visitor have  visited, and what contend can be got from it website.

There are two participant from abroad. Mr seilla from kamboja and mrs. nazilla From Johor Malaysia.

In the second day of the course, the schedule is learning about the concept of Mathematic Mobile learning by mr M. Tamim, one of PPPTK Matematika/CDMTEP widyaswara . Its about the definitionic  of Mathemat Mobile Learning
(MML), the  development of ICT technology and its chalanges.


Some facilities stuff of the MML course

“Creativity is very appreciated right now” he said. He added tha to be success in information development era right now, we must provide our creativity.

The short perspective that I get from the this course at the second day is that teacher now have the opportunity to design learning differently: to create extended learning communities, to link student and teacher  in real and virtual world in anywhere and any time, and  to make learning mathematic easier and more satisfaction because for student the material can be accessed in their own portable device.

Confuse with my English%#$@^^?? hihihihih


I feel something  different in this course, not only  because of  the importance topic that will be learnt for two week  later, but also because of the material is delivered in English.

This is the first experience for me to get lecture in English. Little bit confuse, but Im happy being  a participant of this course. I do hope can wake up my dream to be able to continue my study in abroad. Amin.


Penulis: Saiful ghozi

Lulus sarjana Pend Matematika Univ. Neg. Malang thn 2005. Mengajar di berbagai sekolah CSR perusahaan; PT SBK Melawi Kalbar, PT Kertas Nusantara Berau Kaltim, PT Chevron dan Total E&P Balikpapan. Setelah lulus pascasarjana di Unmul Samarinda thn 2013, kini menjadi dosen tetap di Politeknik Negeri Balikpapan Kaltim

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